From Redwood Executive Search we offer search services to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry, and principal agents in health system and health care. These sectors are facing significant challenges arising primarily from the need to seek efficiency and rationalization both by the Health Authorities as part of the scientific and medical research led by the industry, with high costs in R & D together with a need for greater health investment by governments, though, derived from a sociodemographic curve increasingly inverted in most Western markets.

The industry has undergone major structural changes, which in recent years have resulted in a process of large mergers between transnational laboratories, and in a change in the pattern of relationship with the various actors involved in the health management and administration, and in a greater attention to the patient and not solely to the medical/ prescriber group, too.

Thinking about the local market, perhaps the biggest change has been reflected in the need to change the model of relationship with the Administration, that focuses on the economic aspects apart from scientific-medical and effectiveness criteria. This has led departments to strengthen and redefine roles, including those of Market Access, Institutional Relations and Pharmacoeconomics.

It can be said that public administration, patients and medical scientific progress itself make the Pharmaceutical Industry in one of the sectors facing a future of greater change, evolution, opportunities, threats and which possibly is more in need of creative, innovative managers, permeable to other management practices and principles.

This is the approach we applied in our projects search for Market Access Areas, Institutional Relations, Marketing, Sales, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Quality and Production.