Professional Services

It is a large and heterogeneous sector, in which our professionals provide a solid knowledge and experience in the following activities, among others:

• Strategy and Operations Consulting
• Financial Consulting
• Information technology Consulting
• Organization and Human Resource Consulting
• Audit
• Legal and Fiscal

The sector is closely related to the economic cycle and expectations, it is dynamic, changing and shows a clear market and trends orientation. Although increasingly tend to offer more integrated, comprehensive and greater technological component services, expertise and knowledge of the local market are crucial.

In Redwood Executive Search bring our experience working for large global firms, as local firms or incorporating professionals to internal departments of corporate clients.

These are some of the characteristics we seek in our candidates, and our clients acknowledge as clear predicting factors for success in their organizations:

• A real vertical and horizontal specialization, yet flexible and versatile to adapt to new roles and realities.
• Focus on effectiveness and efficiency, developing projects that generate short-term positive impact on the income statement.
• Ability to provide differential services that really add value to the customer, in an environment marked by change and transformation of business models and organizations.
• Awareness to teams with a leadership suitable for change and ability to adapt and integrate different business cultures.