The insurance industry is undergoing a transformation, adapting to new technologies and mutli chanelling, with a great development of direct sales and the emergence of aggregators, most players direct sales and a strong push of bancassurance sales. Despite the push of new sales channels, traditional insurers keep a leading position in selling insurance through mediated networks.

It is a sector where technical and business profiles are the key to business development, being product definition essential, managing investments, increasing customer orientation and profiles with deep industry knowledge to develop the commercial activity.

We bring extensive experience working for national and multinational entities, where the success of professionals is based on their ability to function in a highly competitive environment, provide clearly specialized knowledge and provide increasingly proactive and innovative capacity. We start from a thorough understanding of the various activities, cultures, methodologies and drivers of customer relationship in the following areas:

• Technical area
• Business Area
• Marketing Area
• Operations Area (customer service and benefits)