This is a big industry in which coexist various subsectors that are extremely dynamic and changing, with constant innovation and strong competition and growth. This makes these sectors highly competitive and aggressive. They are the foundation that enables the Information Society supported mainly by Internet, which has facilitated the development of current technology trends (mobility, cloud, virtualization, SaaS, BYOD, big data, ...) and social networks themselves.

There is a significant gap between the talent demand and supply, and a high labor turnover. In this sense, Redwood Executive Search provides a differential value for their ability to understand and translate the candidates the value proposition of our customers, attract the best candidates and manage the expectations of both parties optimally.

The factors that often determine the success of a professional in these sectors are specialization in the technical field, the ability to understand how technology impacts and transforms business models, the ability to anticipate trends, adapting to change and ability to manage uncertainty. Also, the ability to design, promote and manage complex projects, innovation and leadership are key concepts. We are able to attract professionals who have these features in the following fields:

• Hardware, networking and consumer electronics
• Software
• ERP, CRM, BI, Big Data
• Telecommunications
• Internet