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Our projects are based on a holistic understanding of customer needs, and the context in which they arise. Their situation, their culture, the aim of the professional sought and specific problems they will have to face and resolve are the key points we analyze.

We practice a thorough and intensive research, based on a deep knowledge of the market and its drivers, a strong criterion to define the target companies, understanding their business models, organizational structures and professional profiles. Additionally, we provide a broad and solid networking in the sectors we specialize, which constantly generates us a good knowledge of key people.

Thanks to our expertise evaluating talent and managing a clearly differential engagement with the candidates, we can present our clients a short list of candidates within a period of 3-4 weeks.
This allows them to maximize exponentially the reliability in their decisions about the professionals to incorporate.
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We are also active agents in the closing phase, advising client and candidate, and follow-up in order to ensure the integration of the candidate and the fulfillment of expectations on both sides.

The close collaboration of a senior work team with a clear sectorial expertise and conceive searching projects in a dynamic and changing way, with constant feedback between Consultant and Client, is a crucial factor in our success.